Life of a Retail Store Manager


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a retail store manager? What are the duties, the education/skills requirement, any career advancements, as well as the market salary – are questions that are frequently asked, and I’m here to answer them for you! What Should I Expect? Many think …

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4 Steps To Write The Best Job Description


Job descriptions are so important because everyone uses them. From the applicant finding more about the job he’s applying to, to the company using the job description to advertise the job, job descriptions need to be excellently written and concise. A well-written job description will perform these functions: Describes the …

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8 Reasons Why Retail Has High Employee Turnover


High employee turnover rate, by all measures, is bad for business. It costs a lot to re-hire and train new employees and lowers morale among the people who stay. But high turnover, unfortunately, is common in business – especially in the retail industry involving the junior level and front-line retail …

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