How to Be More Organized at Work


It’s always good to organize yourself at the start of the New Year, be it organizing your home, your wardrobe, your work etc. Being organized helps you be more productive because you know where everything is and you have a routine for most things. You won’t get flustered or waste …

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How to be Persuasive


The one thing that successful people have in common is their ability to persuade and convince other people. Persuasion is just like describing the benefits and logic of an idea in order to gain agreement from your audience. It is a critical skill that everyone should have, because you need …

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Which Body Language Mistakes Can Cost You A Job?


Everyone knows that what you say is important. But did you know that verbal communication only makes up 7% of the message you’re trying to convey? In fact, the ratio, as proposed by Dr. C. E. Johnson, 55% is body language, 38% is your tone, and 7% actual words. You …

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